Enjoy a relaxing trip to Off London when you book in for your exclusive in salon treatment.

Book in for a treatment and enjoy a cleansing, relaxing shampoo, after which your recommended treatment is applied and massaged for 5 minutes into your scalp, After your treatment is rinsed off you can sit back and enjoy your styled blow-dry.

In salon Treatments

Wella Salon Alchemy Professional Treatments

Wella Salon Alchemy Professional Treatments represent new level hair care with personalised formulas to meet your individual style and care needs.

Colour Save

If you colour your hair often and want it to last then this colour save treatment will make all your dreams come true. It provides intensive protection against colour fading and colour shifting plus produces noticeable smoothness and shine with each application. Extending the life span of your hair colour should be on everyone’s post salon to do list and this treatment will definitely set you up with longer lasting colour.


If you were naturally blessed with fine to medium hair or have been on the hunt for ways to subtly add natural looking volume to your locks then this volumizing treatment will do the trick. Using a lightweight formula this treatment will strengthen and stabilize your hair from within and provide excellent caring properties to nurture and expand the length between blow dries.


This moisturising treatment is perfect for people with normal to dry hair – especially brunettes! If your hair is nothing but a little heat damaged this treatment will provide long-lasting moisture without overloading your strands. Plus it will make it much easier to manage too.


If your hair is damaged and in need of some TLC; then this repair treatment is definitely for you. With just one application your strands will be restored up to 100% plus be protected from further damage as well. High damaged, medium and thick hair will benefit most but if you have fine damaged hair it’ll suit you too – we just recommend you use a little less.


This intensive smoothing treatment relaxes, calms and controls frizzy/ dry/ coarse hair and is perfect for people with medium to thick strands. If taming frizz, or at least getting it under control is on your agenda then you need to look no further than this.

Shine Define

This intensive treatment is suitable for all hair types and is perfect for promoting noticeable shine. Smoothening the hair creates the flawless light reflection that will turn your normal strands into super shiny locks and you won’t be the only one that notices the difference!

Nioxin Density Repair Therapy

If you’ve neglected your locks for far too long and need to repair and strengthen them quick you should try the Nioxin Density Repair treatment, it’s a favourite amongst our team. It strengthens and protects the hair shaft against damage, reduces breakage and delivers deeply repaired hair in just one easy step. Plus it only takes 5-10 minutes to work so it’s perfect if you’re short on time.


Shu Uemura Luxury Hair Treatments

Shu Uemera luxury hair treatments contain refined formulas filled with precious ingredients to deliver unparalleled and advanced performance.

Ultimate Remedy – Extreme Restoration For Ultra-Damaged Hair

This is the most restorative hair masque for people with ultra dry and damaged hair and it’s perfect for people who want to see fast results as well. Infused with Lotus Flower, a sacred Japanese plant highly concentrated in Lipids (which make up our hair) and Ceramide 3000 PPM technology, which is the most powerful repairing system designed to strengthen strands, results are immediate with lasting results.

Muroto Volume – Pure Lightness for Fine Hair

This lightweight conditioning treatment will add shine and maximize volume for fine hair. It’s infused with Himalayan crystal minerals that are concentrated in more than 80 minerals including potassium, iron and magnesium and will make your hair thicker and much more abundant than ever before.  Yes, even if you have baby fine hair!

Moisture Velvet – For Dry Hair

If your hair is dry or becoming on the dry side, then this nourishing treatment could be for you. Infused with camellia oil, which is rich in the fatty acids dried out hair needs, it’ll rebalance moisture levels and smooth hair fibres making them much easier to deal with. Use this and your hair will be supple to touch from root to tip (and might even make you reconsider all the drying stress you put it through.)

Silk Bloom – For Damaged Hair

Do you have split ends, highlighted, bleached or brittle strands? Or maybe you’ve just taken out all of your extensions? Then this treatment could be for you. Filled with Ceramide and Vitamin E it will deeply repair and restructure all of your hair fibers. Plus it comes with the added bonus of Argan Oil, which is an ingredient well know for it’s restoring and replenishing properties. Try this treatment and help reverse all of the damage you may have (accidentally) done.

Full Shimmer – For Colour Treated Hair

If you colour your hair often and want to add  extra shine, or help lock the colour in then this illuminating treatment is the way to do it. It’s made with Musk Rose Oil, which is recognised, for boosting radiance and is rich in anti-oxidizing properties including Vitamin A and is the perfect treatment to use if you want to help protect and extend your colour for longer.

Liquid Hair – Molecular Hair Treatment

Liquid Hair uses molecular hair refilling technology based on the essential amino acids that strategically penetrates into the hair for up to 5 washes. This is a great treatment for sensitised and fragile hair. This service will need to be booked as a separate service to colour and cut visits.