Our Off London Blog Is Live

Hi there ladies and gents. Happy 2015! We’re so super excited for this year and are planning for it to be as big as Beyonce’s hair. Or bigger. Maybe we should aim for the Carrie Bradshaw?

Anyway, we have been so super busy over the last few months, as some of you would know. But now that the craziness of the Christmas and New Year period is over, we’re finally ready to launch our brand new blog.

And this is it!

This year we’re not only pumped because we will finally get to take you behind the scenes of the salon where you will learn all about our stylists and the fun new hair skills they’re being taught. But with the launch of our blog, this year, we’ll also get to answer all of your hard-hitting hair questions as well!


And we know you always have many.

From hair trends, to styling, to our favourite catwalk looks and inspiration, this blog will now be a fun new place where we will get to share all of that information with you and we’re so excited for you to join us.

Because how hard can hair decisions be sometimes?

Seriously, should you go for the Bingle cut…or keep your mane looking like Candice Swanepoel’s? What colour trends are on the horizon? And what really is the difference between balayage and ombre?


And boys – how long have you had the same cut and style for? Could 2015 be the year you shook things up?

(Or ladies should you maybe just leave this blog open somewhere where he will see?)

Anyway, we hope you get as excited about us sharing all of this super, interesting hair information as we are! We would love to know what you think. Plus, we would love it if you could share this blog with your hair loving friends too.

Actually, if you share or like this post on our Facebook page you’ll go in the draw to win the ‘Sebastian Trilliance Pack‘ below. It’s guaranteed to give you shiny, beautiful new locks. So what are you waiting for?


Ps. if you have any hair/styling questions we can’t wait to hear them. All you have to do is email and before long your conundrums will all be answered right here.


Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi