Which Hairbrush Is Right For You?

You might not think that your hair brush is important but having the right one to suit your styling needs will make a world of difference to your finished look. Brushes were made to remove knots, tangles and generally smooth your hair. But they also stimulate blood supply to your hair follicles, which in turn encourages healthy hair to grow.

The action of brushing was initially to help it lie flat and this is still what most brushes are generally used for. Although when you have a good one you’ll remove more dead cells and dirt build up as well. That’s why the better the brush, the longer your look will last and the better your style will hold.

So what type of brush are you using? More importantly, is it the right brush to suit your style? You should really have a brush for blow-drying and one for when your hair is dry. But if you’re still confused we’ve put together a list of some of our fave Label M brushes to help you below.


Paddle Brush
–       Classic brush for thick textures and long hair types
–       Perfect for drying thick hair quickly, or straightening large sections at a time
–       Ideal for drying hair smooth or straight
–       Wide base adds natural movement and body

Paddle-BrushCushion Brush
–       A good all round brush for fine hair textures and short to medium lengths
–       Great for sensitive scalps
–       Compact brush, perfect for smoothing hair

Cushion-Brush Grooming Brush
–       For medium to long hair lengths
–       Perfect for smoothing and styling thick coarse hair
–       Great as a finishing brush or to combat flyaway’s

Grooming-BrushStyling Brush
–       For medium to thick hair types
–       Ideal for drying and smoothing one length styles (perfect for bobs/lobs)
–       Perfect for adding shape to short styles too.



Small Hot Brush
–       ­For short hair lengths of all textures
–       Perfect for styling short layers, smoothing fringes and ringlets


Medium Hot Brush
–       ­For medium to fine shorter hair types
–       Adds body to layered styles


Large Hot Brush
–       ­For mid to long hair lengths
–       Adds body to layered styles


Extra Large Hot Brush
–       ­For thick textures and long hair lengths

Extra-large-hot-brushJumbo Hot Brush
–       ­For very thick coarse textures and long hair lengths


Don’t forget you can chat to your stylist to help find a perfect brush to suit you. All of these brushes are available to purchase in the salon.

Words: Yadira Galarza Cauchi